Landlord Pledge

Georgetown University invited owners of rental properties in the areas near campus where students live to partner with the University in maintaining the high quality of life in these neighborhoods, and to publicly declare their commitment to this goal by signing a pledge.

The pledge reads:

“As a landlord who rents property in the historic neighborhoods around Georgetown University, I am committed to maintaining the high quality of life of our community. I pledge to do be a responsible neighbor by: maintaining my property and lawn in at least the manner required by D.C. law; licensing my property with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), as required by D.C. law; working in cooperation and partnership with all members of the community to address issues impacting quality of life in our community.”

Georgetown University applauds the landlords who willingly adopted the Georgetown University’s “landlord pledge” and agreed to maintain the high quality of life in the neighborhood. Georgetown University does not endorse any landlord or its practices or a warranty or representation as to the quality, safety, conditions, registration status, or any other factor of any property owned by the landlord. Georgetown University has not inspected, approved or disapproved of, or endorsed any off-campus properties owned by landlords and is not responsible for the quality, the conditions, registration status, of other factor relating to any landlord’s properties.