Student Responsibilities

We believe that living off campus is a privilege for students that offers an opportunity for learning and personal growth with many new responsibilities and opportunities. We expect students to be responsible citizens and good neighbors. All Georgetown students are expected to comply with University policies, local laws, and community standards of consideration for and kindness towards others.

The Hoya Living Guide is a resource for everyone living in the communities nearest campus. It provides more in depth explanations regarding pertinent D.C laws, expectations of all undergraduate and graduate students under the Code of Student Conduct, and additional resources for students and community members.

Building Positive Relationships

We expect our students take responsibility for fostering good relationships with the other residents in their neighborhoods. A positive living experience starts with being a good neighbor, and that means understanding your neighbors’ needs and wants.

  • Communicate – Being a good neighbor starts with getting to know your neighbors. Something as simple as saying hello goes a long way toward having a positive relationship. If there is a problem in the future, it’s easier to discuss it with someone you already know.
  • Know Your Community Norms – When speaking with your neighbors find out the rules regarding the proper disposal of trash and the expectations about clearing sidewalks of snow and ice. Knowing the basic rules of the community goes a long way towards a positive experience for everyone.
  • Maintain Your Property – Maintaining your property involves everything from mowing the lawn, picking up litter on the curb, and pretreating walkways for snow and ice. Making sure that your property is well-kept shows you the community that you care about the neighborhood.
  • Be Considerate – Making too much noise is both a nuisance and against DC law. Please be mindful of how your noise may impact your neighbors and the greater community.
  • Stay Aware of Safety Concerns – If you observe suspicious activity in your neighborhood, report it to law enforcement authorities by calling 911. You can help keep your and your neighbors’ property safe by reporting any concerns you may have.